BayCarePlus Rewards (HMO)

Complete Coverage with One Plan from One Company

BayCarePlus bundles medical, hospital and prescription drug coverage together into one convenient plan. With one insurance card and one number to call, we eliminate the hassle and cost of dealing with multiple insurance companies so you can focus on more important things.

$0 Monthly Premium and NO Deductibles

Our BayCarePlus Rewards (HMO) plan offers you comprehensive coverage for a $0 monthly premium. Plus, we will give you back $123 every month on your Part B premium. That’s a savings of up to $1,476 a year. And, there’s no annoying deductibles to meet. Your coverage begins right away.

How can we offer $0 premiums? Find out.

Coverage When Traveling

Whether you’re making a trip out of state or out of the country, BayCarePlus has you covered. If you ever get sick or injured when away from home, you can rest easy knowing you have emergency or urgent care coverage.

Financial Security

All of our plans include out-of-pocket protection that limits your annual health care costs and protects your savings in case of an emergency or unexpected illness. This important protection isn’t offered by traditional Medicare plans.

Are you protected? Find out.

Money-Saving Extra Benefits

Every BayCarePlus plan comes with important extra benefits including preventive dental, vision and even free memberships to health clubs through the popular Silver&Fit® program for no additional premium.

BayCarePlus Rewards (HMO) plan members will also have access to BayCareAnywhere®, offering 24/7 virtual doctor visits via video chat.

Learn more about all the extra benefits.

Telehealth: Video Doctor Visits

Technology has changed the way we do everything, and that includes how we see doctors. If you’re too sick to leave the house or just want to practice social distancing, BayCarePlus covers telemedicine visits with your primary care doctor and specialists. You can also use the BayCareAnywhere mobile app to have an unscheduled video visit with a doctor for urgent care needs any time of day or night—even on holidays.

The following tables highlight some of the many benefits available to you as a valued BayCarePlus member. For more details and a complete list of benefits, please review our downloadable Summary of Benefits or Evidence of Coverage below.

Hospital and Medical Coverage

Your BayCarePlus plan provides comprehensive medical and hospital coverage with no annual deductible and low copayments. With the BayCarePlus Rewards plan, you save $123 per month on your Part B premium. This is just another way we help you lower your out-of-pocket costs.

  BaycarePlus Medicare Advantage Rewards

Monthly Premium

Your Part B premium is reduced by $123 per month

Maximum Out-of-Pocket Limit

(What's this?)
$4,500 Per Calendar Year
This is the most you'd pay in a year for covered medical services. Once you reach it, your plan pays all the costs.

Annual Deductible


Preventive Care/Screenings

$0 Copay

Primary Care Physician Visists

$0 Copay

Specialist Doctor Visits

$40 Copay
A referral is required for specialist visits except for visits with an obstetrician/gynecologist, chiropractor, podiatrist or dermatologist.

Urgent Care

$35 Copay

Emergency Care

$100 Copay

Lab Services

$0 Copay

Home Health Care

100% Coverage

Chiropractic Services

$20 Copay

Inpatient Hospital Care

$250 Per day for days 1-6
$0 Per day for day 7 and beyond

Outpatient Surgery at Hospital

$225 Copay

Outpatient Surgery at Ambulatory Surgery Center

$125 Copay

Part D Drug Coverage

This table shows the drug tiers associated with your plan, and the copayments or co-insurance that you will pay in each tier. A drug formulary provides a list of drugs that are covered by our plan. Important—you won’t pay more than $35 for a one-month supply of each Part D insulin product covered by our plan, no matter your plan choice, the cost-sharing tier of the insulin product, the prescription drug coverage stage you are in (initial coverage, coverage gap or catastrophic coverage), or your Extra Help status.

BaycarePlus Medicare Advantage Rewards

Annual Deductible


Retail Pharmacy — 30 Day Supply

Tier 1 — Preferred Generics

  • $0 Copay

Tier 2 — Generics

  • $10 Copay

Tier 3 — Preferred Brands

  • $47 Copay

Tier 4 — Non-Preferred Brands

  • $100 Copay

Tier 5 — Specialty Drugs

  • 33% Co-insurance

Mail Order — 90 Day Supply

Tier 1 — Preferred Generics

  • $0 Copay

Tier 2 — Generics

  • $0 Copay

Tier 3 — Preferred Brands

  • $125 Copay

Tier 4 — Non-Preferred Brands

  • $275 Copay

Tier 5 — Specialty Drugs

  • No Coverage

Initial Coverage Limit


Extra Benefits

Your BayCarePlus plan offers many valuable extras not offered by Original Medicare or Medicare supplement plans—at no additional cost to you.

BaycarePlus Medicare Advantage Rewards

Vision Care

  • $0 Copay for routine eye exam
  • $0 Copay for a pair of eyeglasses (lenses and frames) or contacts
  • $100 max benefit (non-Medicare covered eyewear) per calendar year

Preventive Dental Care

  • $0 Copay
  • $0 Copay for two cleanings per calendar year and one deep cleaning every three calendar years

Comprehensive Dental Care

  • Additional monthly premium $30
  • $0 Copays
  • No annual deductible
  • $1,000 maximum benefit amount per year
  • Two crowns per calendar year
  • Three root canals per calendar year
  • Complete or partial dentures with unlimited extractions

Some limitations apply. See Evidence of Coverage for complete details. Services must be received from a Delta dental provider. Learn more about our comprehensive dental benefits.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Allowances

No Coverage


Routine hearing exam: $30 Copay (one per calendar year)

Transportation Assistance

No Coverage

Fitness Club Membership

  • Silver&Fit® Membership Included
  • Included at no additional cost

Travel Benefits

Emergency or urgent care coverage if you are making a trip out of state or country


No Coverage

Important Plan Documents

Summary of Benefits Updated: 3/14/2023
Resumen de Beneficios Updated: 10/5/2022
Provider Directory Updated: 3/8/2023
Directorio de Proveedores Updated: 3/21/2023
Drug Formulary Updated: 3/30/2023
Evidence of Coverage Updated: 2/23/2023
Evidencia de Cobertura Updated: 2/23/2023
Star Ratings Updated: 10/26/2022
Calificaciones por Estrellas Updated: 10/25/2022
Annual Notice of Change Updated: 2/23/2023
Aviso Anual de Cambio Updated: 2/27/2023
Formulary Change Notice Updated: 3/30/2023
Low Income Subsidy Premiums Updated: 2/20/2023